Sweet summer


So. I’m obviously a little behind on my blogging. It’s been only about 3 months since I last posted. In that time, I finished my first year of pharmacy school, started interning (yay patient counseling!), and have spent numerous ninety-degree days at the water park with the kids. That first week after finals felt so amazing to be able to jump in the car on some spontaneous mission without having my iPad or some textbook in my lap to study for an exam. Ah… It was like a mini-vacation just taking a trip to the grocery store. I’d be lying to say that I didn’t still carry around my massive book of non-prescription drugs though for a little light reading.


I also thought I would be clever and plant some foxglove flowers in one of my old pots that have been untouched for years, and name them Digi, or something equally as corny (since the heart failure medication, digoxin, is made from the foxglove plant). However, after being dumped on the sidewalk for the second time this week by my 3 year old, my seedlings are no longer salvageable. It’s funny how those pots will sit for years untouched and growing mold, but as soon as I plant something in one, it becomes the target for every foot, hand, and swinging door in a hundred mile radius.

I start my retail rotation at Walgreens in a little less than a month; that’ll be interesting. Hopefully My husband can go back to working nights, or we’ll have to find someway to afford childcare for those three weeks before classes start again. It makes me nervous not having solid plans by now. I’m probably driving him crazy with my questioning. I had to blend in those pesky white hairs with some highlights last week.


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