The light at the end of the tunnel

Right now, on a Wednesday night, I am reading my favorite childhood book (The Berenstain Bears and The Spooky Old Tree) to my daughter, eating dinner (and trying to convince my 3 year old to eat more than just the sauce on her plate), and procrastinating tackling my infinitely growing to-do list.  This is a typical night for me.  I would like to get some studying done for Biochemistry and Biotechnology tonight, as there are two exams coming up early next week, and I work this Saturday, then have Easter plans for Sunday, but I will probably try to accomplish some reading and writing assignments first.  This past week has been crazy.  Last Friday I spent all night documenting my patient interviews from earlier that week (total of 7 pages single spaced), while my husband worked the night shift and my friends were out having fun (poor, lame me).  Over the weekend, I had an early Easter at my mom’s house, then had my sister and her family over for the night (my reward for working my butt off Friday night).  On Monday, I turned in my Drug Delivery and Pharmaceutical Calculations homework, then tackled my Biochemistry problem set.  Yesterday I typed up my 3 page Curriculum Vitae (a detailed, health career oriented form of a resume), and typed a paper reflecting on the diabetes book I read for lab.  This morning I began reading the enormous amount of literature for my first immunization module.  I have yet to write a paper summarizing my mentorship at Fairview Compounding Pharmacy this semester, and two (pretend) letters to “my patient” and his physician summarizing our appointment from last week.  I also have a lot more immunization readings and presentations to get through next week, in addition to some quizzes for Drug Delivery and immunizations/lab.  The end of the semester is in sight; I am excited and scared at the same time.  With the end of the semester comes finals (fortunately only one of which is cumulative), new responsibilities and privileges (intern status at work!), and the infamous second year looming over my head (eep!).  On the other hand, summer brings sunshine and beaches, and significantly more freetime.  Let’s hope I can use my time a little more wisely during this break.



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2 responses to “The light at the end of the tunnel

  1. Brandon Williams

    Hello Jamie,
    I am a current student at Normandale and I am seeking to become a Pharmacist but I am not sure what the correct steps to take at this point. I am so inspired by your page and I was lead here by the U of M website. I was wondering if you could help me at all. Thanks for your time. Brandon

  2. Hey Brandon! It’s been a busy month for me, sorry for not getting back to you sooner! It’s cool to hear from a fellow Normandale student! I’d be happy to help you out, I don’t really know where to start though. Do you have any specific questions? If you’d like to send me an email (, we could chat about where you are in your application process. Otherwise, here is a link to a response I gave another student that might be helpful.
    You could always contact the office of student services/admissions counselors as well, they are always happy to provide you with good information (I scheduled an appointment with them before my interview).

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